Make smart health decisions so you can thrive
Functional Natural Health Practice ​​​
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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - Hippocrates

is a functional natural health practice employing advanced supplementation and dietary changes for your wellbeing 

If you experience any of the​​ health concerns below,
NHA can help:

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...I struggled with my weight most of my life, I tried lots of diets but I always ended in  gaining back weight.
Develop life long habits of healthy weight.

... I don't feel so hot, I can't run or play with my kids as I used to and I feel a lack of energy.

Bring your groove back so you can thrive.

...I have early signs of high blood pressure or high blood sugar, arthritischolesterol or other concerns. 
​Respond to your body's silent cry for help.​​

.​​​​...I am on several meds, gaining weight and not having enough energy. Experiencing a number of health conditions.
Take steps to feel better.

Act now and schedule a risk free 15 min appointment! 

What will be able to achieve if you got your health back?

   ​ Newhealthahead is here to listen to your health goals and partner with you in a step by step plan to bring back your vitality and wellbeing     

Are you ready to take control of your health?

Yes, I am ready.
No matter where we start, you can feel better fast​​​,
with the help of functional natural health.
Will you act now so you start feeling better within 21 days?
Schedule a free consultation now!
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Smart supplementation 
and small dietary changes can bring back your mental sharpness
Alzheimer's is the most known of the cognitive diseases and on the rise in our sociecity today....
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Why Functional Natural Healh?

Many of us were brought up to reach out for a pill when we were sick and ailing.
Too many times this proved to be an unsatisfying solution.
So we did turn to natural health. But to get results, we need to change the way we look at healing. Functional Natural Health provides a new and effective way.

Dr. Sozanski aims to change your health approach paradigm, by educating you to make better health decisions and get the long term results you want.

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